7 Ways Businesses Can Use Augmented Intelligence

What is Augmented Intelligence?

Augmented Intelligence is Machine Augmented Intelligence. Also known as Intelligence Amplification, Machine Intelligence- it's a step further than Artificial Intelligence. It focuses on improving human Intelligence, and it helps human beings work smartly rather than replacing it.

Augmented Intelligence focuses on cognitive learning and improving the productivity and efficiency levels of human beings. It collects structured and unstructured information from different sources, presents actionable data, and provides users with in-depth insights into the business operations. It helps the human workforce to get a comprehensive view of the data and help them make informed decisions. So, this technology is powerful and can aid human beings to achieve greater heights in all aspects of a business.

What is the difference between Augmented Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence?

Before understanding how Augmented Intelligence enhances human capabilities and makes it more productive, let's know the difference between Augmented Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. It is a popular myth that AI will replace human as the technology is embedded with algorithms that makes intelligent decisions. But the fact is that this technology does not think like humans, neither does it make decisions on its own nor act like humans.

The Reactive machines monitor data and work on the input fed by the programmer. The technology does not have a brain of its own that makes it think and make decisions. So people worrying that AI – an emerging and sophisticated technology will soon replace the human workforce is a far cry from reality. With no memory, technology cannot learn as humans do, and they are programmed in specific ways to react to particular situations.

AI is used to automate routine tasks making human intervention minimal or eliminating it. It is only used to streamline and automate everyday mundane tasks so that the human workforce can efficiently work on mission-critical tasks and solve complex challenges. On the contrary, Augmented Intelligence analyses data and recognises patterns reporting it to the users to make informed decisions. It aids the human brain to work smarter and use the technology effectively to yield the desired results.

7 ways businesses can use Augment Intelligence to improve Operational Efficiency?

Retail Industry

The technology helps in providing people with an enhanced shopping experience. Customers need quick services, personalization, and convenience, and retailers have to be ahead of the curve to meet the customer evolving demands which will become more challenging in the near future. Using the powerful combination of Augmented Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality, they can provide consumers with a personalized experience that will help them make informed buying decisions. Let's discuss how Augmented Intelligence proves beneficial for the retail industry.

Virtual Trials

Though online shopping has enabled people to shop from their homes' comforts and get deliveries at their doorsteps, augmented Intelligence will take this experience further and provide the shopper with a rich and enhanced experience by enabling them to try products at home virtually. The thought of visualizing oneself in the selected products such as apparel or footwear and making an informed buying decision is exciting. It will soon become a reality and ultimately transform how people shop and how the retail industry operates.

Smart Mirrors:

These may look like things straight out of sci-fi movies, but they will soon be a reality. Smart Mirrors- the Digital Displays will replace the trial rooms. They work on Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and gesture recognition which enable them to place the apparel image on the shoppers' image and provide them the look they will have when they actually will wear them.

3D products

Most shoppers are confused about how the products will look in their homes or office space while shopping online or in a brick-and-mortar store. The buying decision is not made with complete confidence, and the aesthetic look of the place may be compromised if the products do not match the preference. Augmented reality enables hoppers to try 3D products at home before buying them. It would be an exciting step towards providing an enhanced consumer experience. For example, people who purchase painting services can upload a picture of their room on the website, try different color schemes, and decide which color suits their home the best.

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Manufacturing Industry

Let's take a look at how the manufacturing industry is benefitting from Augmented Intelligence.


It is vital to provide the new workers with the proper training to familiarize them with the tools, equipment, and manufacturing process. Using Augmented Reality Applications, they can offer them quick training by providing an enhanced experience. With robust training, they will be able to do their jobs efficiently and contribute faster in achieving the business's goals.

Detect Defects

Wearables will help the workforce to identify any flaws and glitches in the production process immediately. They can view the finished products and learn how they will work in a real environment- it empowers the human workforce to go a step ahead in the manufacturing process by identifying and fixing issues before they impact the manufacturing process and the entire production cycle. Augmented Reality Technology wearables will soon become a reality that will help workers gauge the product's performance at each stage of the manufacturing process. They can get a 360- degree view of the manufacturing process and gain insights into improving it.

Streamlined Logistics

Transportation and Warehousing are essential activities of a manufacturing facility. The manufacturing industry should align the logistics and supply chain to ensure seamless order delivery and the smooth functioning of the production process. Augmented Intelligence offers a highly connected digital system to the workforce that can manage inventory, check under-stocking and overstocking, inform the loading dock about the pick-up, and provide the route information with a few clicks. The entire process becomes seamless and faster and ensures higher efficiency for the workforce to achieve excellence in order fulfillment.

Design Process

Augmented Intelligence helps achieve advanced design processes in which humans input the parameters, and the technology offers various ingenious designs. It ensures a faster design process and boosts the efficiency of the workers.

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Augmented Intelligence is a disruptive technology that will soon usher in a revolution in how industries operate. It will transform how organizations do business, streamline their operations and provide high customer satisfaction

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