Business Objects

Generate more insights, make better reports
and make informed decisions

Generate more insights, make better reports, and make informed decisions

What is SAP Business Objects?

SAP Business Objects is a tool used for reporting and analytics for business intelligence. It is a tool using which users can find data from multiple sources, analyze it, generate insights, and prepare reports that can enable key business decision-makers to strategize for business growth.

Explore all possibilities of SAP Business Objects, anytime, anywhere, including data reporting, visualization, and sharing.

Our Services

Our SAP Business Object consulting services enable organizations to deal with everything related to SAP BO. We help you build business intelligence systems, install, configure, and train you for its usage, thereby improving your decision-making ability for your enterprise growth. The plethora of SAP BO services that we offer are:

Strategy and Architecture

We understand your budget and business needs and assist you in formulating a strategy for your BI initiative. We aim to guide you in the installation and configuration so that you achieve the maximum value.


We design and develop the Universes in association with your internal team to remain business-focused. These Universes help you to collect and organize data from multiple sources and manage them.


The key benefit of SAP BO is the creation of various types of dashboards customized to your business needs. We create and manage dashboards for your firm to help you with deeper analysis and information sharing.

Web Intelligence

We help you in designing and developing the web intelligence solution for your business to facilitate the delivery of information and analysis from Universes. We extract all the benefits from the web intelligence solution for you.

Crystal Reports

Our Sap Business Objects services include designing and developing reports related to your business function or process. These reports have detailed data analysis and insights that can aid in decision-making.

Data management

We facilitate the collection and management of structured and unstructured data to maintain accuracy, timeliness, and integrated view. Such quality data ensures seamless decision-making relevant to your business profitability.

Deliver the right information to the right people via SAP Business Objects and advanced data analytics. Let us help you transform data into valuable information.

Power up your decision-making capability
with our SAP BO services

Why us?

The kind of difference we bring with our SAP Business Objects consulting services:

Our SAP BO consulting services include SAP BO modeling, migration and conversion services, integration, data quality and governance, gap analysis, health check-up and audit, and reporting and analytics.

Our team of expert SAP BO consultants has relevant experience in business intelligence project management and consulting in multiple industries to deliver the desired results for your business profitability.

Our knowledge in everything related to data – data warehousing, data mart designing and development, data cleansing, data integrity, and data transformation improves your management of data to ensure generating insights from it.

Our team of expert consultants understands your business requirements and accordingly designs the dashboards and reports to ensure a smooth distribution and publishing process that can help in knowledge transfer across the organization.

In addition to full life cycle implementation and enhancements, our SAP Business Object services include production support and maintenance of the application and continuous monitoring of its performance to improve its implications for your business.

Improve organizational efficiency, make timely decisions, save costs, minimize risks and maximize ROI by hiring SAP Business Objects consultants from Technovisors

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The key functionalities of SAP Business Objects are:

Reporting and analysis
Data exploration
Data visualization and analytics
Preconfigured templates
BI platform
The key merits of SAP Business Objects are:

High scalability
Multiple features
Possibility of many integration points
Highly secured
Possibility of large-scale user deployment and access
On-time and accurate reporting
Streamlined operations
We have many fixed packages of SAP Business Objects services, and we also offer a customized suite of SAP BO services after understanding your business requirements and industry domain.
Maximize your accessibility to real-time insights. Do more with data available in your system, accelerate decision-making, and achieve your business goals.