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What are website design and website development?

Website development means building and maintaining websites so that it works faster and performs well giving a good experience to users. Website designing, a subset of web development, includes creating different aspects of websites such as webpage layout, website content, and graphic designing. Therefore, web designing is the aesthetic part of a website, while web development means making the website design functional to make it usable.

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A website is the identity of a business. Therefore, a business must have its website to show its identity to others and prove how it differs from others. If you intend to spread the information about your business, attract more visitors to know about your offerings, and develop your customer base, a website is essential. We make this possible for you to drive growth for your business.

We are a leading website design and development agency with expertise and experience in website development and website design for several years. We offer customized web development and web designing services for businesses of all types and sizes. We manage your website and the addition and removal of content through a powerful content management system. We code for your website and make it optimized for SEO and mobile to attract more visitors, achieve your goals, and generate your desired business results.

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Our website design and development services

Technovisors engages in providing end-to-end website design and development services so that you earn the maximum benefits from it. Our range of website design and development services includes:

Web designing

It is a key step in website design and development services. Our team of competent web designers creates an attractive, user-friendly, and communicative website that converts your thoughts about your business into words. We aim to develop a website that speaks for your brand so that your customers understand your vision. Based on our discussions with you, we develop a website strategy for your business and then move ahead with designing your website from scratch. We make the website user-friendly, SEO-optimized, intuitive, and seamless so that it is easy to navigate and good looking.

Web development

Web development is an essential part of website design and development strategy. Our expert website developers are adept in developing a website that runs perfectly on a desktop browser, Android devices, and iPhones. We ensure to adapt the website to all the possible configurations of several devices so that we can provide you an unswerving user experience independent of the device or browser you use. We use scalable and reliable technologies such as PHP, .Net, React, and others to ensure that the website remains updated always. Our UX designers guarantee a fully functional website through intuitive operations, a user-friendly interface, and the right flow of topics.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We make an intuitive user interface for you so that you can manage your website. That means you have the freedom to add or edit content whenever you want to, such as adding text and images, posting blogs, updating pages, or making any small adjustments through CMS. We provide full training on how to use CMS under our website design and development services.

E-commerce website

Our web designers and developers have the required expertise and experience in developing eCommerce interfaces to better the user experience so that it can lead to increased conversions. We use platforms and functionalities that make the website mobile-responsive and user-friendly to drive more sales. We cover all aspects of the eCommerce business – integration with payment gateways, setting up promotional campaigns, user interface, and strategic call to action placement.

Website maintenance services

We ensure that your website's performance is top-notch and users enjoy a seamless online experience on your site. Specifically, we ensure that your website remains secure through our services, such as frequent website health checks, update of plugins, and version upgrades. We also keep your website content updated and add new features and functionalities in some time intervals to keep the customers’ interest alive and work on optimizing the website speed.

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Why us?

Responsive, easy to use, eye-catching, SEO-friendly, and content-rich website for you Are you in doubt whether to choose Technovisors or not for your website design and development services? Find out the reasons why businesses choose Technovisors and clear your doubts:

We take care of all the factors in website design and development that you can customize, such as number of pages, style of design, SEO, database integration, CMS, content and copywriting, responsive design, eCommerce functionality, and several others

We have a team of website designers, content writers, and web developers who follow the website design and development strategy developed for you to create a custom website for you to drive business growth

Our team of professionals and experts in website design and development have varied knowledge and extensive experience in creating website designs that are customized, SEO-optimized, responsive, professional-looking, visually appealing, and secure

We create a website design and development strategy based on your business, goals, products, and services, and the idea of the website so that the website reflects your vision and goals in its appearance and content

Our approach to providing results-driven effective website design and development services includes the steps of discovering the client, setting the structure of the website, determining the appearance and feel of the website, implementing functionalities to make the website working, testing for user experience, and providing extensive maintenance services

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There might be slight variations in the website display of different users depending on each user’s screen resolution and settings. However, our website design and development services include testing the website design on different browsers and different settings to check for any unsupported browser.
Many factors are taken into consideration to decide the cost of website design and development, such as the number of webpages, features, intricate designs, the complexity of the site, technologies, and many more. Depending on your requirements in each factor and budget, we create a website strategy for you. For knowing the exact cost, contact our team for further interactions.
Yes, we ensure that the website design and website content are SEO-friendly. However, for further growth in the ranking of your website and improvement in traffic, you can avail of our SEO, PPC, and other services.
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