Search Engine Marketing
(SEM) Services

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is a type of marketing practice that involves promoting the websites with paid advertising and getting a higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search Engine Marketing Services for your business

Search engine marketing services is an umbrella term that includes a range of advertising strategies that bring you the ROI you are looking for. We are a search engine marketing agency that designs cost-effective, goal-oriented, and results-driven SEM strategy for your business. We help you reach your targeted customer base through efficient and effective advertising solutions.

We, at Technovisors work for your brand awareness, targeted visibility, and footfalls through highly optimized ads and targeting based on search queries, purchasing behavior, and geo-location. We try to achieve all of these objectives for our clients using search engine marketing tools such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and many others.

Our SEM pay-per-click campaigns are flexible enough to adjust to the trends and changes in the industry of your operations and the online environment. Our search engine marketing campaigns are relevant for multiple search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. We consider the features of location, device, and customer behavior while designing the campaigns so that our clients benefit the most with an increase in customers and sales.

SEM Services
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Our search engine marketing services

Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click advertising services

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC marketing) is one of the popular online marketing methods to generate effective business results. PPC advertisements generate faster results and track the statistics, thereby helping you design strategies based on the data insights.

Our experience in creating innovative, customized SEM pay-per-click marketing campaigns ensures that you remain at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Our PPC advertising campaigns guarantee your reach across your targeted geographies at the right time when the customer is actively looking for your products
and services.

If you are looking for a global reach, we also construct international search engine marketing PPC campaigns to generate the desired results. We advise you on the ways to adapt to the international audience, target their mind-set, and make your brand attractive enough to generate sales and drive growth.

Search advertising

We create advertisements for your brand and your products and services to target top rankings in the search engine results pages. For this, we find the right set of keywords for your business that the potential customers use to search on different search engines.

We have the right strategies in place to bid for these keywords so that you have the right customers directed to your website. Even if the customers do not make a purchase, it still leads to lead generation for you, which can be used to target the customers later.

Search advertising
Display Advertisement

Display advertising

Display advertising is a search engine marketing technique wherein we capture customers' attention by placing ads on the websites and platforms that they generally visit.

We design impactful banners to market your products and services, the unique selling proposition, and the special offers and promotions you offer. These advertisements may have text, images, videos, or a combination of some of these.

Our search engine marketing experts use the right keywords to design visually appealing advertisements and place them on the most appropriate websites and platforms. This technique improves brand awareness, targets the right customers, generates sales, and drives business growth.

Other services

Besides the above, our search engine marketing services include Google shopping, Ad remarketing, PPC audits, Digital prospecting, Campaign reporting, and many others depending on what you intend to achieve through your search engine marketing efforts.

With Technovisors, your brand search becomes easy. Let our search engine
marketing services help you grow your business.

End-to-end search engine marketing services for your brand visibility and reputation

Why Technovisors for SEM Services?

Having second thoughts on the decision to hire us as the search engine marketing agency? Read on below to find the right reasons:

We start our SEM campaigns only after a detailed discussion with you on your business, objectives, and expectations from the search engine marketing services. We also consider factors like customers, competitors, and resource availability while making a search engine marketing strategy.

Our team of experts in search engine advertising services has the required knowledge, search engine marketing certification, and relevant experience in designing SEM campaigns for multiple clients across the world.

We provide a diverse range of packages of different pricing under which different combinations of search engine marketing services are included so that clients have options to choose from depending on their needs and budgets.

We maintain professionalism and adopt ethical business practices in our dealing with the clients, giving attention to the value that we generate for our clients without wasting their time, energy, and money.

Our team works with the objectives of building a brand name for your business through improved visibility, increased traffic, better positioning, and much more through our search engine marketing services.

We strive to understand your business nuances and craft a tailored marketing strategy to bring our clients more visitors, more customers, more leads, more sales, and hence, more profits

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Yes, they are different concepts of digital marketing. SEO is a free and organic technique to improve the rankings and traffic of a website, while SEM is a paid technique of promoting websites with multiple marketing methods.
We offer multiple packages for our search engine marketing services, and the services in each differ depending on the clients’ requirements and budgets. However, prior consultation with our team of search engine marketing experts is required to decide on the right package for you.
Technovisors discusses the requirements of the project with the client along with the duration, and depending on those discussions; we assign a team or a dedicated Project Manager. However, we assure you to we remain in contact with you 24/7 to resolve your queries and doubts.
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