Android App Development

We bring to you highly customizable
and secure Android Apps

We bring to you highly customizable and secure Android Apps


We are a leading Android mobile app development services provider in Ahmedabad. We have the experience and skills to develop applications for all types of devices – be it smartphones, TV, or wearables. Our Android App developers in Ahmedabad are proficient in handling every type of Android device and ecosystem to deliver a robust app for you that can increase users' interests.

Full-cycle Android Mobile App Development Services. We use the latest technology and development tools to develop Android Apps that enhance user engagement and ROI.

Our Android App Development Services in Ahmedabad

Our Android development services bring value to your business – be it a start-up or leading brand. We recruit some of the expert and professional Android developers in Ahmedabad who can develop customized, top-of-the-line apps for any industry based on client's requirements and market trends. Our Android App development services include:

Android mobile app development

Android tablet app development

Android TV app development

Android wearable app development

Our Methodology

We follow a simple Android app development process to adopt worldly best practices and local industry trends. The steps include:


Our first step is to understand your app requirements, conceptualize them and scope them further. For this, we have a discussion with your internal functional team and management to identify the stakeholders, their expectations, functional requirements from the app, feasibility of the technology, and other relevant requirements.


The next step involves planning the design of the Android app. This includes concept design, user interface design, user experience design, prototyping, the look and feel of the application, and wireframing.


Now, we focus on the technicalities of the Android app development services to make the app secure and fully functional. We define the model-view-controller (MVC) modules, frameworks for app development, and layers for the user interface, database, and network.


The actual step of Android app development takes place with the relevant technology, selected devices, and codes. It includes frontend development, backend development, database design, integration, and functionality development. We also conduct iterative testing for functionality, usability, performance, and integration of the application in the development stage.


Once the app is developed, our team also ensures deployment of the app on the Play Store since it includes getting the app listed, checking the screen compatibility, determining the price, providing the description and graphic assets, and other steps required to deploy the application.


Once the mobile app is available on the Play Store, our Android app development services also include providing maintenance services and post-launch support. Our expertise in app marketing, support in user engagement, and generating actionable analytics can help you further with generating the desired results from the app.

Revel in the best of Android technologies and functionalities. Launch your dream mobile app with state-of-the-art solutions from Technovisors.

New capabilities, new markets, and new customers

we make it possible for you

Why us?

We are a full-service Android app development agency in Ahmedabad that provides end-to-end services to ensure customized, highly scalable, secured, innovative, and user-focused applications for your needs.

Our Android app development services are dependent on a smooth, clear, and efficient process of an initial analysis of your requirements, development of the app, testing, launch, and maintenance and monitoring.

You will benefit from our Android app developers' immense expertise and in-depth knowledge in various Android platforms and devices to design, develop, and deploy full-cycle, customized Android apps.

Whether you are involved in the industry of retail, healthcare, construction, e-commerce, sports, media, travel and hospitality, electronics, financial services, or any other, our capable Android app developers can deliver solutions as per your expectations.

Our use of the latest technology, focus on developing user-friendly features, adopting the industry-proven process, and continuous testing helps us bring to you your dream applications for any Android device at optimum costs.

Our frontend development capability includes using the latest and in-trend languages, image loading, reactive programming, testing, machine learning and augmented reality, animations, maps, networking, and local storage.

Our backend development capability in pub/sub messaging, databases, remote procedure calls, configuration, server, app frameworks, and hosting is highly competitive and leads to better outcomes for your business.

We are among the top Android app development services providers who promise you efficient management of your project, streamlined communication and collaboration, the satisfaction of your end customers' needs, on-time services, and consistent delivery so that you keep choosing us.

Get highly scalable and innovative Android app development services. We take the mobile experience to the next level by developing state-of-the-art mobile applications.

Client testimonials


Android is a highly popular platform across the world, and its popularity is increasing day by day. Therefore, Android apps have a higher reach with more people downloading and using those apps. If you get an app on Android, you will also reach a higher potential customer base and thus market your products better.
Yes, we do sign an NDA with every client of ours to keep the idea of the application confidential and secure. You need not worry about that.
Yes, we publish the app on the Play Store as a part of our Android app development services in Ahmedabad.
Cutting-edge Android apps for superior app experiences. We craft quality mobile apps with our expertise, imagination, and inventiveness.