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What is ASO marketing?

App Store Optimization marketing popularly knows as ASO Marketing, is a type of digital marketing strategy to optimize an application that will result in improvement in the app visibility and an increase in conversion rate.

We- the Technovisors

With the rise in mobile apps, ASO marketing is the newest concept for application makers to have the largest audience base for their apps so that the downloads increase. Technovisors is a leading ASO marketing services provider with a key role to play in every aspect of app store optimization. We use the right, appropriate keywords for your app description to attract the right visitors to your app, thereby improving the traffic. We also keep track of your competitors’ performance based on the keywords used and search rankings and utilize that knowledge to your advantage.

We keep a check on multiple intricacies associated with app store optimization such as off-page reviews, app title, app icons, crash rate, and many others and suggest improvement solutions. Furthermore, we define the KPIs for your ASO advertising and analyze your performance based on these metrics to develop new strategies or amend the old ones for the betterment of your application. With our best ASO advertising services, we strive to achieve the following:


Awareness regarding your app and brand


Ease with which users can discover features in an app


Attracting new users or customers

Organic downloads:

Number of users who discover the app and download it directly


Percentage of users that download your app after viewing your app page


Ranking of your app on the app store based on the keywords

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ASO marketing services

Our ASO advertising services are as follows:

ASO strategy

One of the key steps of ASO marketing services is devising a robust ASO strategy to
give your app a ranking that you intend to achieve. Through interactions with you,
we aim to learn about your app, the business, your goals and objectives, and your
vision for the future. Based on these interactions, we develop a customized strategy
for your ASO marketing.

Keyword research

Another critical step in ASO marketing services is keyword research. We understand your business, your targeted audience, and your objectives from ASO marketing services to identify the most appropriate keywords for your app. We also consider the keywords that your competitors are using, customers are using for search, and identify the best ones that drive traffic.

Developing app features

The next step of ASO advertising services is to have the most appropriate, SEO-friendly, unique, and relevant App title, logo, screenshots, and description. We recommend short and attractive titles, simple and updated descriptions, attention-grabbing and easily recognizable logo, and the best window display for your app. We ensure that all these features accurately depict your app and its features.

User engagement

Our expertise lies in promoting your app on social media channels effectively to ensure more downloads. We also employ other tactics such as email marketing, in-app messaging, and push notifications to attract your targeted audience. Based on the results of these tactics, we work on improvements in your app and offerings to elevate user engagement and better our ASO marketing services.

Paid media

Our team’s expertise in campaign management and optimization of Apple Search Ads and Google Search Ads helps to improve ROI from these channels. We have the
required technical knowledge and experience in aligning the paid and organic search strategies to get you a competitive advantage over other apps. We drive relevance through our ASO marketing services, improve volume, and generate ROI for your application.

Reputation management

One of our offerings included in ASO marketing services is reputation management through rating and review analysis. We evaluate the current reviews of your app to identify the problems and develop a strategy for improvement. We increase encouraging reviews and positive ratings on your app and use these reviews to improve app store optimization.


ASO marketing services include Reporting and Analytics that enable you to track your app’s performance on the app store. We can generate reports and data to compare
your app with other competitors’ apps on factors such as keywords used, screenshots, and other features. These reports depict your app’s performance, such as visibility, downloads, and others to gauge the app’s influence in the multiple app stores.

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Why Technovisors

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Why us?

Understand why you should partner with us for our ASO marketing services:

We use the best ASO tools to generate data and analytics that will enable us to optimize your app on the app stores and improve your rankings

We are equipped with a professional ASO marketing services team that creates an appropriate roadmap for your app store optimization to increase the number of downloads for your application

Our skilled ASO marketing experts work towards generating long-term benefits for your application, including new users, more downloads, increased user engagement, and greater than before popularity

We have the option of multiple packages of ASO marketing services or customized strategy development based on the client’s budget, timeline, market, and other factors

We know how important our clients are to us, and therefore, we ensure to maintain complete data security and confidentiality for our ASO marketing services

We engage a dedicated project manager for our ASO advertising services to ensure coordination and communication for updates on all the work being done and the results generated

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App store optimization (ASO) is a process by which you can improve the visibility of a mobile application on various app stores such as Google Play Store, Windows Store, and Apple App Store. Through ASO marketing services, you can ensure more app downloads, improve brand awareness, more positive reviews, and engagement with the audience.

Yes, using the right keywords in the app description impacts the app store optimization when the app is searched on the app store search engine. These keywords can lead to a better ranking, more engagement with users, and increased conversions.

We have several packages for our services with different inclusions and exclusions and different durations. Based on your expectations from ASO advertising and your budget, we can suggest you a package or customize it for you.

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