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Technovisors is a leading digital marketing company helping clients achieve their marketing objectives. They understand that digital marketing is an approach where different online marketing channels are used to achieve their client's specific business goals. GoodFirms team had the opportunity to chat with the Founder and CEO of Technovisors, Mr. Pathik Shah; here’s an overview of the interview.

When asked about the story behind starting Technovisors, Pathik Shah mentioned that the company was founded to solve the pain areas for SMEs. As he has worked in over 1000 SMEs in the last 22 years, he was familiar with the huge gap between the business requirements and the level of automation in the business.

Most of the SMEs do not have a documented process and hence have no idea what level of computerization can help solve issues. They help their clients document their business requirements and help them identify the right fit as per their problems and needs.

The digital marketing strategy is created based on the client's business needs and the goals they intend to achieve. Not all businesses can use the same digital marketing strategy; therefore, the team develops several different marketing approaches as per their client's requirements.

The dynamic digital marketing strategy developed by Technovisors helps clients escalate their brand awareness, develop long-lasting relationships with customers, and bring profits to their business. Their dream is to engage the most results-driven marketing channel for their client's business to generate experiences that matter for their customers and add value to their relationship with the business.

Pathik Shah explains that the process begins by understanding the client's organization's current performance, objectives, competition, targeted audience, customer expectations, improvement areas, and many other points.

Based on their valuations, they better understand the required marketing strategies for their business success. They then create SMART goals that align with the client's business vision and help them develop milestones for their digital marketing strategy. The team creates a robust digital marketing strategy that includes all the key marketing channels, types of digital marketing services, and targeted audience in the next state.

They also set up performance measures for each of the action plans including in the digital marketing strategy. In the last step of their process, the expert digital strategist and consultants implement the design strategy and generate the desired results effectively. The team makes sure that the plan is executed correctly and later measures its success. For the dedicated approach to growing the client’s business with their excellent digital marketing strategies, Technovisors would soon be ranked among the top digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad at GoodFirms.

Technovisors offers content marketing services to businesses that want to take their brand to the next level using the most cutting-edge writing solutions. The marketers work closely with the clients to help them identify and execute the strategic marketing plans that work in their favor. The content developed by the team puts the right message across the right audience. Thus, for their customer-centric approach, the team will soon be ranked among the top content marketing companies at GoodFirms.

Pathik Shah also mentions that the company wants to connect people processes and technology to empower businesses with the power of automation. In the next 10 years, he believes that Technovisors will be at the top destination for companies to receive strategic advice in starting and scaling their business with the power of information.

Thus, having read the excerpt from Pathik's interview, one can also go through the detailed discussion at GoodFirms.

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